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Timbangan Indonesia
Timbangan Indonesia
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Scales Indonesia is an industry that has long experience in terms of industrial scales and here we serve the entire industrial scale at every level.
http: / / or http: / / not just the sites that sell equipment but we also scales only provide good service and product sales to service delivery, in this case the repair or upgrade the scales. We provide one stop service for the scales, and provide almost all types of weighing whether digital scales, mechanical scales, retail scales, health and medical scales, load cells, platform scales, kitchen scales, postal scales, laboratory scales, floor scales, animal scales , and even the truck scales.
We deliver to all consumers whether engaged in industry and other fields, and we currently own produce one type of animal weighing scales namely, that in accordance with government standards, especially livestock department, and we have worked with farm service throughout Indonesia since 2008 . The products we make has its own advantages both from a very competitive price, good quality products are also applications to knock down or apart pairs making it very easy to carry.
For product details you can contact us either through our main website or from or you can ask directly by phone and chat facilities are already available on our website.
Visit our WEBSITE at : http: / /
contact Person: Andri, Ibu Sri ( 082 1147 06 170, 0819 3234 5260, 0816 1740 8891, 021-9529 3259, 0816 1740 8926 ( Sri) ) .

Alamat: Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit - Jakarta 13440
Telp. + 62-21 8690 6777, 8690 6771, 8690 6785
Fax : + 62-21 8690 6770
EMAIL : sales@